PTO has chosen the “BAND APP” for our main communication source (and it’s for everyone… we “BAND” together!). It has many features with sign ups, picture sharing, calendar, chat boards, and much more. We are EXCITED about this change! See below for your CLASS link and/or QR CODE. Reach out to your CLASS PTO Rep or any PTO Officer with questions or concerns! ALL COMMUNICATION will be with the band app… don’t miss out on the info…


What is BAND?

Hey there! Welcome to BAND, a free communication app that keeps you connected to your group. BAND is designed to help group members stay informed about what’s going on – without cluttering your email and text messages.
In these instructions, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to find the invitation you received from your group leader, how to download the app, how to sign up, and how to check / respond to posts on BAND.

BAND Guide & Learning Center

To help you get used to the BAND app, we’ve created BAND Guides and the Learning Center, where you can find step-by-step instructions on how to use BAND features.

BAND Guide
Your resource for helpful BAND tips
1. Go to BAND Home
2. Select “More,” then select “BAND Guide”

Learning Center
Watch video tutorials

Elementary Classrooms

2031 Class Link


2032 Class Link


2033 Class Link


2034 Class Link


2035 Class Link


2036 Class Link


Classical School


Q. Is there a limit on how many Bands I can create?
No. You can create as many Bands as you need to manage your communication. However, there is a daily limit on how many Bands you can create. If you’d like to remove this limit on your account, please contact
Q. Is there a limit on how many members I can invite to a ---Band?
No. Although the default membership size limit is set 1,000, you can always make it unlimited.
Q. How many files can I attach to a post and how big can ---the file be?
You can attach up to five (5) files per post that is no more than 1GB each.
Q. Can I sync events between my Band and other ---calendars?

Yes. You can both import / export calendars on BAND. Visit for detailed instructions.

For more FAQ:
Open the BAND app > BAND Home > More > Settings > Scroll to the bottom and select FAQ