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NBCA PTO Staff Membership

Become a member of the New Braunfels Christian Academy PTO and join us in our mission to enhance our students’ educational experience and strengthen the bond between home and school at NBCA!  Teacher and Staff Member input is so important to the success of the Parent Teacher Organization!

How to join:

There is no cost!  Just complete this form and add it to your cart, then checkout to complete your enrollment.  Faculty and staff members will not be charged dues for PTO membership.

Buy this product and become a member of Teachers & Staff PTO membership plan.

How to get involved in the PTO:

Become a PTO member.  It's free!  Faculty and staff members will not be charged dues.

Attend PTO meetings.  There are 3 general membership meetings throughout the year where we share important news about our efforts to generate resources and build fellowship and community for our school. Teacher and Staff Member input is so important at these meetings.

Join the BAND community for the grade level(s) you teach.  Download the app and share important information, events, and photos with parents.  They'll love you for sharing with them!  Don't want to download the app?  You can access your BAND account on any web browser; the app isn't necessary to participate in the parent-teacher community on BAND!

Become a PTO Teacher Liaison for your campus.  PTO Liaisons are vital to keeping parents and teachers connected, well informed, and included in the fellowship of our school throughout the year.  Reach out to to inquire about becoming a Teacher Liaison, or about other volunteer opportunities with the PTO.


About the PTO:

New Braunfels Christian Academy PTO is a non-profit whose mission is to support the education of children and to extend care and love to our students, teachers and staff by fostering a Christ-honoring, unifying relationship among the school, parents and teachers.  This support, love and care are fulfilled by planning, organizing, and executing events and programs which generate resources and community for our school.

The faculty and staff [principals, administrators, and teaching staff] of our School may be a member and have voting rights. Faculty and staff members will not be charged dues.